Belarus: BTRC releases national final rules and regulations

by Stefano 959 views

Good evening Minsk! May we have your rules please? After having reached the Grand Final in Tel Aviv last year, Belarus has launched the 2020 campaign with renewd optimism. National broadcaster BTRC has released details concerning the forthcoming selection to find the successor of ZENA.

Last May in Tel Aviv ZENA and her two dancers convinced the televote to award them the 10th and last qualifying spot in the First Semi final, advancing Poland‘s Tulia  by only 2 points. This year in Rotterdam Belarus is aiming even higher. For this, BTRC has released the rules of the Belarusian national final.

Try your luck

First of all, if you have the perfect act for Eurovision, you can submit your entry on the website of BTRC until 17 January 2020. A national focus group will select acts to invite to auditions. The complete list of lucky entries will be published on 22 January 2020. Auditions will take place on 27 January 2020. The focus groups will chose by simple majority 12 acts to take part in the national final.

Let me be the one

The Belarusian national final is scheduled to take place by 6 March 2020 and will be brodcasted on TV channels Belarus 1 and Belarus 24. A combined vote between the jury and professional viewers will select the act that will represent the country at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.

Belarus in Eurovision

Belarus entered the continental competition in 2004, having competed a total of 16 times since. They have reached the Grand final 6 times (2007, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2017 and 2019). Their worst result was the 22nd place in the Semi- final in 2006 (Polina SmolovaMum). The country’s best result was obtained the following year, when Dmitry Koldun and his Work your magic conquered the 6th place overall in the Grand Final.

Will Belarus improve its record this year in the Netherlands? You still have a few days to submit your proposal and try your luck!