Eurovision 2020: NPO seeks 12.4 million euros from government

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,051 views

NPO, the Dutch national broadcaster, is seeking 12.4 million euros funding from the Dutch government in order to host the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.

NOS Niews reports that NPO has requested the amount to the Dutch government.

The Dutch Public Broadcasting (NPO) wants the Minister of Media Affairs Mr. Slob to contribute 12.4 million euros for the organization of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, scheduled to be held in Rotterdam next year. This is evident from the revised budget for 2020, which the NPO has sent to the ministry. So far, the cabinet has refused to take the purse this matter and enable funds for the contest.

Organizing the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest will cost circa 26.5 million euros. About 9.6 million euros will be covered by contributions by the EBU (European broadcasters), sponsors and ticket sales. NPO is set to contribute 2.5 million euros whilst  AVROTROS will contribute 2 million euros.

Ultimately, 12.4 million euros will remain, and NPO will seek this amount from Minister Slob . The amount comes on top of the more than 817 million euros that the broadcaster says it needs for the regular programming next year. Slob has said that the Dutch broadcaster should first look at what is possible within the existing budget.

The amount requested by NPO is slightly lower than what was previously thought. When Rotterdam was announced as the 2020 ESC Host City, NPO’s CEO Ms. Shula Rijxman said that she hoped that the government would contribute 15 to 20 million euros.

A spokesperson for Minister Slob has said the minister is looking at the application.

The 2020 Eurovision Song Contest will be a co-production by three Dutch national broadcasters NPO, NOS and AVROTROS.

The 2020 Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to be held on 12, 14 and 16 May at the Rotterdam Ahoy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.