Italy: Over 100 million streams for Soldi!

by Stefano 787 views

Not always success in Eurovision rhymes with success in the world music industry. For Soldi, however, the triumph at Sanremo Festival and the second place at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest seem to be just the beginning of a long haul at the top of music charts.

Mahmood represented Italy at the 2019 Eurovision in Tel Aviv, Israel, and finished runner-up with his hit Soldi. As announced a couple of days ago by Italian newspaper Repubblica, the song just reached 100 streams on Spotify. This means one thing: the entry is the most-listened Italian song ever on the platform.

A conquered continent

And as if this would not be enough, the magazine Rolling Stone announced that the music video of Soldi also reached 100 million views on YouTube, and the single went platinum in Spain, Greece, Switzerland and no less but gold in the Netherlands.

And whilst you may still be clapping along as the refrain starts, let’s watch the live performance of Mahmood on the Eurovision stage in Tel Aviv: