Spain: Amaia repents on going to Eurovision

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Last year, she had the opportunity to experience a long Eurovision journey. However, her recent statement was rather regrettable. Speaking to the Spanish magazine SModa, Amaia, who represented the Iberian country in 2018 with her partner Alfred García, said she would prefer not to have competed at Eurovision.

Amaia Romero Arbizu (simply known as Amaia), seemed quite disappointed after her experience in 2018 and pointed out that although she had placed a high value on Eurovision, she realized it was not worth it so much. In her words, Amaia is quite critical with the way the contest is being conducted:

I would prefer not to have been to Eurovision, I had a bad time because we did not stop giving interviews, doing a lot of things and I just wanted to sing.

It’s a music celebration and it’s one more thing in life. It was the only thing I did in my life at that time. Then I saw it as something essential. Now that I think about it and I see it with perspective, it is not.

Debut album on the way

Amaia has now pursued a solo career and has become a musical idol in Spain, having gained much recognition from her compatriots. Recently, the young artist recorded her debut studio album, which will be fully released in the months to come. This didn’t come easy too, she admits:

At first I was a bit lost, I did not know what style I wanted to make and I had my downs, but when we finished, I had a feeling of rest, now it’s just the beautiful: to give concerts!

The first single of her album, entitled El relámpago, has been unveiled, while one more single Nadie podría hacerlo will be released this Friday.

Listen and enjoy the video clip of El relámpago, which has already hitted the Spanish charts:


Amaia at Eurovision

Amaia Romero and Alfred García were the winners of the special Eurovision selection show of the Spanish television program Operación Triunfo 2017, with their ballad Tu canción, thus earning the right to be the next representatives of Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, held in Lisbon, Portugal.

As a member of the Big 5, Spain didn’t have to compete at one of the two semi-finals of the competition. Despite an emotional performance at the Grand Final, they were granted a 23rd place on the scoreboard, with 61 points overall.

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