Ukraine: Maruv talks about Eurovision 2019

by Stefano 3,278 views

She was ready to pack her bags to Tel Aviv. She was considered by some as a strong contender to a top position. Yet she never boarded the Eurovision flight and had her country withdraw from the competition. What has Maruv to say about this year’s contest?

Come to me, come to me… or stay where you are? The winner of Vidbir 2019 Maruv is back. In an interview published on English media Metro she shared her views on some of this year’s contestants. And yes, it’s sassy.

“My chances were quite high”

The Netherland’s Arcade? Mediocre, she says.  Iceland’s Hatari? Forgettable. Ukraine’s Siren song? Definitely in the top 3. Maruv has strong opinions about some of the most outstanding acts in Tel Aviv. After having watched the performances and compared them to hers during Vidbir, she believes she would have had “quite high” chances.

Uncomfortable questions

Maruv won the Ukranian national selection to Eurovision, Vidbir, last February and earned the right to represent her country in Israel. Nevertheless, contrasts with Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC forced her to give up her hopes to sing on the Eurovision stage, shortly before her country officially announced the withdrawal of their bid.

And as we wait to see if Ukraine will come back next year in the Netherlands, let’s watch again the official video of the Siren Song: