Eurovision 2019: Conan Osiris wins Barbara Dex Award 2019!

by Stratos Agadellis 3,889 views

Who’s been voted as the worst-dressed artist in Tel Aviv? As with every year since 1997, the Barbara Dex Award returns and is ready to be given! One week after the Grand Final of this year’s Eurovision, fans have now had their say and we have a winner! It’s Conan Osiris from Portugal!

Despite a poor Eurovision result, as he came 15th in the first semi-final, Conan Osiris is back to the spotlight, as the victor of the Barbara Dex Award 2019! In keeping with the tradition, voting opened on the day after the Grand Final and was run by, with all 41 participating countries competing.

One week later saw the results’ announcement, with the Portuguese entry Conan Osiris coming first overall. On the stage in Tel Aviv, he was dressed in a bright satin green kimono, with tiered sleeves and shoulders, a pleated skirt, and matching satin trousers. He also wore a chin strip with blue and green highlights.

Here is Conan’s live performance in the first semi-final on 14 May:

Top 5 of Barbara Dex Award 2019

And after the winner of the prize in 2019, let’s check out by which four countries he is followed:

  1. Portugal (Conan Osiris)
  2. Cyprus (Tamta)
  3. Belarus (ZENA)
  4. Belgium (Eliot)
  5. North Macedonia (Tamara Todevska)

About Barbara Dex Award

Barbara Dex Award was initially introduced in 1997 and was named after the Belgian entrant in 1993, Barbara Dex, whose dress had stirred negative reactions and had been considered as one of the worst stylistic choices of all times.

This year marks the 2nd Barbara Dex Award for a Portuguese entry, following the awarding of the female group Nonstop, which flew the country’s flag in Athens in 2006.