Eurovision 2019: Who’s your Euro-favourite? Take this quiz to find out!

by Stratos Agadellis 1,964 views

I have been following Eurovision for 15 years now and these days always mean the best of excitement to me! While the days and hours are passing, my impatience for the final reaches its climax and together with my friends and family we try to make our own predictions of who will be at the top of the scoreboard! However, I didn’t know that this time it would be that easier!

This platform by Unibet is so amazing! By answering to a couple of quick questions on my favourite Eurovision winners, I was helped to discover who I would love to see triumphing tomorrow!

My answers confirmed my words! My winner for tomorrow’s final is Duncan Laurence from The Netherlands! And I can’t doubt it anymore! What’s yours? Don’t lose more time and discover it here!

Besides making my prediction easier and less stressful, I could never have imagined that I could enrich my Eurovision knowledge even more in such an entertaining way! Next to that quiz, I found a… shining animated chart in which I attended the progress of the 10 most voted Eurovision countries in 63 whole years. Although the video isn’t that long, you can feel the tension getting higher while approaching the 2010s, when Sweden succeeded the United Kingdom at the top, having now received an outstanding total of points! The latter could be found there for longer than 5 decades, so the Swedes must be really proud now! You can also check this video below!

It’s never too late to become a Euro-guru!

Aren’t you a Eurovision guru already? No worries! You can still begin from the basics, before turning to an expert! Within this so much entertaining platform you can find an interactive map which will show you each country’s victories and best placings. That’s Eurovision 101! Just select the country you like and make a short flashback to its Eurovision history over this interactive map! E.g. Did you know that Iceland has almost reached the top twice, by coming 2nd in 1999 and 2009? Could this happen ten years later, in 2019?

Regardless of who will eventually take the trophy home tomorrow evening, The Netherlands is currently not only my personal prediction, but has also reached the top of Unibet, with the odds being as low as 13/20, and followed by Australia, which has moved to the top 2 and is fighting for the second place with 13/2.

Will the predictions come true? Let Unibet work for you and fill your Eurovision time with even more suspense!