Jon Ola Sand: “The score difference between #10 and #11 was just two points”!

by Stratos Agadellis 3,093 views

First show down, two more to go! Yesterday saw the first semi-final of this year’s Eurovision, where the first 10 lucky countries snatched a ticket to Saturday’s Grand Final, where the winner of the coveted trophy will be crowned. Following the results announcement, the Executive Supervisor for the Eurovision Song Contest Jon Ola Sand, posted a tweet which was rather revealing…

Although we are going to find out the semi-finals’ actual ranking and split results only after the conclusion of the Grand Final on Saturday, Jon Ola Sand decided to tease us with some information about them.

It all seems that it was a hard battle between the 17 competing entries, as the country which ranked 10th overall, made it to the final by just 2 points more than the act earning an 11th place on the scoreboard! And it’s more than sure that we are very curious to learn which contestant missed a spot in the final, despite having been a breath away of it.

As we already know, yesterday’s outcome emerged both by the public, as well as the national juries’ voting. Each voting body contributed equally to the results. But was the opinion of the public in agreement with that of the juries?

The answer is… probably yes! On the same post, Jon Ola Sand also unveiled that there were 8 out of the 10 countries would be among yesterday’s qualifiers even if one of the two voting bodies had determined the result in its entirety. What do you think of his statements?

Now we can’t wait for the second semi-final, which is going to complete the list of the 26 contenders of the 2019 Eurovision trophy!

What do you think of the Executive Supervisor’s revelations?
And given the above, how nerve-wracking could the second show be?