Ruslana concludes visit to Romania

by Alexandru Busa 70 views

Ruslana, the Ukrainian winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, visited Romania for a special concert organized by the Mayor of Bucharest's Second District. The show took place in the Plumbuita Park, one of the main local attractions.

June 25th, during her visit to Bucharest, Ruslana took part in one of the most popular TV shows broadcasted by the Romania National Television (TVR). The show is called "Ne vedem la TVR!" and is hosted by the Romanian Head of Delegation for the Eurovision Song Contest, Marina Almasan-Socaciu. Ruslana performed her Eurovision winning song "Wild Dances" and the brand new single "Wow" especially for the Romanian audience.

Also, the Ukrainian artist performed a 90-minutes show in a special concert held in the Plumbuita Park of Bucharest and organized by the mayor of Bucharest's Second District. The audience was delighted by Ruslana's unique songs and manner of performance and they requested more songs from the Ukrainian Eurovision winner.

In addition to her show, she also performed one of her very first songs Oj, letily dyki gusy and a club version of Wild Dances. The climax of the performance was reached when Ruslana's bra opened and she asked for help in order to fix the problem. A fan from the audience jumped on stage and helped her. The audience went wild after this incident and they enjoyed even more Ruslana's concert. This was her seventh visit to Romania and she promised that she will come back soon to Bucharest for another spectacular concert.

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