Har'el Ska'at releases new song

by Itamar Barak 115 views

Har'el Ska'at, who represented Israel in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, releases a new single from his new and upcoming album. The song 'Love awaits for me' marks the change the singer has went through in his personal life and maybe his musical style.

The song 'Tihiye li ahava' ('I will have love' or 'Love awaits for me') has a totally different sound, than the style Ska'at's songs had in the past. Its no wonder, since his new album was produced by Ran Shem-Tov, leader of a well known Israeli electro music band. The song was also released in an unconventional way: It was available for download, through one of Israel's biggest newspaper, allowing the readersto downloadthe songby a QR code application, on their smartphones. More than 10,000 people downloaded the song that way, during the first 2 days.

The song's lyrics might also symbolize the change Hare'l Ska'at has went through, since returning from the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, last year. Ska'at, who came out of the closet in the past year, sings: "I will have love, the like of which I have never known. I forgave the pain and now I am at peace with time… The hopeless faith wasted me slowly, as I stood aside… It (love) will come to me, after I had already given up on it".

Har'el Ska'at came 14th in last year's final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo.