Turkey: Manga release new video

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 82 views

Turkish band Manga who represented Turkey at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest and achieved an honourable 2nd placing have released their latest videoclip Fly to Stay Alive. Manga are a well acclaimed rock band, enjoying name, fame and recognition both in Turkey and Europe, having won The Best European Act MTV Award 2 years back.

Winner of MTV’s Best European Act Award in 2009, famous Turkish band Manga is back with a brand new single in English: Fly to Stay Alive !

Turkey’s band of the year 2010 has become the runner-up in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest with “We Could Be The Same” and the song has charted in various European countries after this success. Manga have also toured Europe:Germany ,Austria, Switzerland, Albania, The Netherlands, Belarus, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Denmark during the past year. Their self-titled debut album which was released in December 2004 has become a phenomenal breakthrough and earned them a Gold Record Award after selling more than 150.000 copies. The album was also released in Japan. Their smash hit “Bir Kadin Cizeceksin” was included in the FIFA 2006 computer game by EA Sports. The band won numerous awards in Turkey with their second album “Sehr-i Huzun” (released 2009) such as the album of the year, the song of the year, the video of the year, best performance and the band of the year. “Fly to Stay Alive”,Manga's brand new single was recorded and produced in Stockholm, Sweden.

The single is released digitally in several countries by Sony Music. The video is shot in Istanbul by American/Turkish director Charles Richards.

Manga´s new videoclip – Fly to Stay Alive

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