United Kingdom: Kathy Kirby dies aged 72

by Zaven Shegrikyan 75 views

Kathy Kirby, the United Kingdom participant at Eurovision Song Contest 1965, has died aged 72. She came second back then with the song I belong.

As told by her family kathy Kirby died on Thursday May 19 ,after suffering from an illness. "She will be greatly missed by her family and her many friends who have stood loyal over the years," the family added. She was often compared to Marilyn Monroe, was born in Essex and was popular star in Europe and America. She had two Top-10 hits and was mostly known for her cover of Secret lovewhich was released in 1963.

Kirby became one of the biggest stars of the mid 1960s, appearing in the Royal Command Variety Performance and three television series for BBC TV. She represented the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1965, and came second with the song I belong. Author and historian John Kennedy O'Connor describes Kirby's I Belong as being far more representative of current musical tastes than other songs from the contest. She also sang the theme tune of the BBC television series Adam Adamant Lives!