BigPoll 2011: two hours left

by Michalis Vranis 137 views

BigPoll 2011 is reaching to its final prediction. Less than two hours left for the members of to cast their predictions. The results coming out of the Grand Final ballot differ from those coming from 43 Participants ballot.

The Grand Final is approaching! 6 hours before the show begins and the tension is rising. Also less than two hours left for the members of esctoday to cast their predictions regarding tonight's winner of the Eurovision 2011. BigPoll 2011 has been open since the running order of the final was announced. Already, 31400 votes have been gathered showing a clear result, yet the final list is changing every minute.

Grand Final VS 43 Participants

The two polls are under a crash test with each other. Already many differences can be noticed between the first and second spots on both polls. It seems there is a big difference between the grand final prediction and an early prediction of the winner. Both polls are made to give a prediction of who the final winner is predicted to be, yet Grand Final polls shows the complete running order and the 43 Participants shows only the winner, and maybe the top5 countries claiming the prize.

Only registered members can cast their predictions.