Ruslana to announce the Ukrainian votes

by Alexandru Busa 158 views

As we all know, the most exciting moment of the Eurovision Song Contest is the voting act. Every participating country announce their votes through a spokesperson who is generally a national celebrity. Several countries already announced their spokespersons as the grand final is taking place tomorrow. Former Eurovision winner Ruslana will announce the Ukrainian votes for this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

One of the most exciting parts of the Eurovision Song Contest is the voting act just like the viewing rates suggest. Since 2006 it was decided that only each countries top 3 will be announced by spokesperson in order to shorten the voting act and make some space for other interesting parts of the show.

Ruslana will announce the Ukrainian votes for the first time after she won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 with her self-penned song Wild Dances. She holds the record of the highest amount of points received by a winningfemale soloist (280).

Here is the provisional list of this year's spokesperson (to-date) :

  • Austria : Kati Bellowitsch
  • Azerbaijan : Safura
  • Belgium : Maureen Louys
  • Denmark : Lise Rønne
  • Estonia : Piret Järvis (Vanilla Ninja)
  • Finland : Susan Aho (Kuunkuiskaajat)
  • France : Cyril Féraud
  • Germany : Ina Müller
  • Georgia : Sofia Nizharadze
  • Greece : Lena Aroni
  • Hungary : Éva Novodomszky
  • Latvia : Aisha
  • Netherlands : Mandy Huydts
  • Romania : Malvina Cservenschi
  • Slovenia : Klemen Slakonja
  • Spain : Elena S. Sánchez
  • Sweden : Danny Saucedo
  • Switzerland : Cécile Bähler
  • Ukraine : Ruslana

The grand final will take place on May 14th starting at 21:00 CET. Twenty-fivecountries will fight for the big trophy and for the right to host next year's competition. All the participating countries (43) will cast their vote in order to determine the winner.