BigPoll 2011: Grand Final poll is now open!

by Michalis Vranis 65 views

BigPoll 2011 is reaching its' highest moment this year. After the draw of the second semi final, the running order of the Grand Final, to be held this Saturday, is completed. editors can start casting their predictions on the final poll.

The running order of the Eurovision Final is decided after the draw of the second semifinal and you can start casting your votes to the BigPoll 2011 final ballot.

BigPoll 2011 is based on the predictions casted by our beloved members. For the semi final 1 BigPoll 2011 predicted 6 out of 10 countries and for the semi final 2, 8 out of 10 countries.

Now it is time for you to predict how will your country vote in the Grand Final. BigPoll is not a "vote for favorite" poll. We are asking you to be as much as possible objective bearing in mind how your national jury might have voted in the semi finals as well as if there are diaspora or neighbor votes.

Only registered members can cast their predictions.

NOTICE: The running order of some countries, as well as the Names and Titles of the songs will appear on the next cache check of the server. Your votes are not affected by the false running order.