Austria: PÆNDA performs a live acoustic version of “Limits”

by Roy Knoops 335 views

Austrian artist PÆNDA has acoustically performed her Eurovision 2019 entry Limits.

Gabriela Horn, better known as PÆNDA, gave the live acoustic performance of Limits at the venue Bösendorfer Salon in Vienna, Austria. The singer accompanied herself on the Bösendorfer’s grand piano, giving the ethereal song an added emotional quality.

The video was created by PÆNDA herself, Kerstin Breyer, Lelo Brossmann and Thomas Hangweyrer. Sound by Oliver Kamaryt, lighting by Raphael Neumann.

Enjoy Limits acoustic!


PÆNDA (born Gabriela Horn, Deutschlandsberg, Styria, Austria, 1988) is an Austrian electropop artist, music producer and singer-songwriter. She started singing from an early age, including in a choir, and began writing songs at the age of 14 while also playing guitar and piano. The singer graduated from the Vienna Music Institute in 2013 and participated in the German talent show Popstars in 2015.

The artist had her public breakthrough with the single Waves in 2016, followed by her debut album Evolution I in 2018, to much acclaim. PÆNDA also works a a vocal coach at the Leobersdorf Music School and her second album Evolution II, which will feature Limits, is forthcoming.

PÆNDA was chosen by a selection committee of broadcaster ORF headed by musician and DJ Eberhard Forcher to represent Austria at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Israel. She will perform Limits in the second semi-final on Thursday 16 May, from position 9.