INFE Poll 2019: Slovenia’s results are in

by Stratos Agadellis 2,440 views

Voting is well and truly underway for the INFE Poll 2019, which returns for the 3rd year in a row and today sees its second day! ESCToday, in an exclusive collaboration with the INFE Network, will be presenting you the results from each of the 22 participating fan clubs around the continent and beyond, up until the winner’s declaration!

Day by day, each individual fan club of the INFE (International Network of Fanclubs of Eurovision) Network will be voting for their favourite Eurovision 2019 entries within the traditional Eurovision style: 12 points for their top favourite song, 10 points for their second favourite and from 8 to 1 point for the rest countries making up their Top 10! Who will gather the most “douze points” this year?

Following yesterday’s results from INFE Georgia, a Central European country ready to deliver its final verdict! Let’s find out how the newcomer INFE Slovenia has voted…

Top 10 from INFE Slovenia

  • 1 point goes to Greece
  • 2 points go to Armenia
  • 3 points go to North Macedonia
  • 4 points go to Azerbaijan
  • 5 points go to Russia
  • 6 points go to Norway
  • 7 points go to Sweden
  • 8 points go to… Italy
  • 10 points go to… The Netherlands
  • 12 points go to… Switzerland!

With his first set of 12 points, Luca Hänni from Switzerland takes the lead of the poll, with a total of 22 points at the moment. The Netherlands and Italy can be found in the next two positions, with 15 points each.

Below you may check out how the current scoreboard of the INFE Poll 2019 looks:

  • Switzerland – 22 points
  • Italy – 15 points
  • The Netherlands – 15 points
  • Cyprus – 12 points
  • Sweden – 11 points
  • Israel – 8 points
  • Malta – 6 points
  • Norway – 6 points
  • Azerbaijan – 5 points
  • North Macedonia – 5 points
  • Russia – 5 points
  • France – 3 points
  • Armenia – 2 points
  • Greece – 1 point

About INFE Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the newcomers in the INFE Family as it has just joint the club in 2019. In its first steps as a fan club it has established already its social media accounts while new local Eurovision fans are registered in this new core of this fan community.

You can find INFE Slovenia on Facebook.

Stay tuned to ESCToday for the upcoming results!