Israeli delegation marks Remembrance Day in Dusseldorf

by Itamar Barak 98 views

The Israeli delegation in Dusseldorf did not take part in last night's and today's Eurovision events, due to the national remembrance day. Instead, the Israeli performer, delegates, journalists and fans held ceremonies to mark the occasion.

According to the tradition in Israel, as from last night and until this evening, the country is marking the national remembrance day of soldiers and victims of war and terror. For that reason, the EBU allowed Israel to be directly allocated to the second semifinal.

Yesterday evening, All of the Israelis in Dusseldorf gathered in the city's Jewish Community Center and held a ceremony. This morning, the Israeli delegation arrived at the site, where once Dusseldorf's synagogue stood, up until the "Crystal Night" in November 1938 (when thousands of jewish synagogues and establishments were set on fire, all over Germany, by the Nazis). IBA's Head of Entertainment Yoav Ginai spoke and read the lyrics of Israel's emtry to the 1983 Eurovision Song Contest (which was also held in Germany) "Chai" (Alive): "I am alive, the people of Israel is still alive. This is my grandfather's song, that my father sang to me, and today it is my turn".

It is also the tradition in Israel, that once the remembrance day passes (tonight), starts the Independence Day. The Israeli delegation will be giving a big party tonight in Dusseldorf, to celebrate Israel's 63 years of existance. All of this year's delegations have been invited. Some of the singers are also expected to perform with their entries, including Dana International herself, of course. The occasion also falls on the exact date of the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest in Birmingham, which was won by Israel and Dana International.

Watch pictures from today's ceremony here: