France: “We will respect every candidate”

by Dominique Dufaut 99 views

A new pair will be in charge of the comments for the Big Night in France: Catherine Lara, singer and composer, and Laurent Boyer, famous TV host, who has a daily program on France 3.

Since 2001, France 3 had made a lot of buzz around its commentators, sometimes more than around its representatives, many think. They were comedians, TV hosts or journalists, but they all tried to do it "with fun", hence a big bunch of complaints from viewers shocked by some words and noisy comments… and compliments from other viewers, claiming that Eurovision needed such a "happy" treatment.

"This year, we will do it seriously" Pierre Sled, France 3 director, said in a press conference held last Month in Paris. "Serious but not boring" Laurent Boyer added. Catherine Lara, who is a renowned artist, will bring her own experience to the comments. "But we will mock nobody. When you do such a job, you have to respect every candidate".

France 3 will broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest next Saturday, while France Ô is in charge of the second semi-final next Thursday, with comments by Audrey Chaveau and Bruno Berberes, France's Head of delegation. No TV broadcast on a French channel for the first show is planned.