Denmark: Emmelie de Forest is “Going Ghost” in her latest music video

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Eurovision 2013 winner Emmelie de Forest from Denmark has presented the music video of Going Ghost, a song taken from the artist’s mini-album History.

Just like the music video for her single Rabbit, Going Ghost by Emmelie de Forest was created by students from the Erhversakademi Sjælland Køge (the Zealand Institute of Business and Technology in Køge) in Denmark.

The haunting song has a matching surreal imagery, filmed a year ago. Emmelie de Forest explains on Instagram:

I filmed this video in February last year (when I was a brunette at the time), with some super talented students, for their artist project. As part of their education at Erhvervsakademi Sjælland Køge, they had to do a musicvideo for an artist, as well as designing ideas for a logo and a website. Had a lot of fun being part of this project. I had a dream of making a music or lyric video for every single song on my mini album, which has almost suceeded (Except for my song ‘Who Loves You’, which might still happen at some point and ‘Hunting High And Low’, which is of course a cover/bonus track on the album).

So a big THANK YOU to Erhversakademi Sjælland Køge and all the students there, for helping me make not only one video, but two music videos, ‘Going Ghost’ and ‘Rabbit’, that I uploaded last year here on my YouTube channel.

Now the public may enjoy the video of Going ghost:

Emmelie de Forest at Eurovision

Emmelie de Forest (Randers, Denmark, 1993) is a Danish singer-songwriter. She won the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden, with the song Only teardrops, receiving 281 points in the Grand Final.