Israel: Rumours that Madonna will perform at Eurovision are getting stronger

by Roy Knoops 4,051 views

The odds that the Queen of Pop will be a guest performer at Eurovision 2019 are “looking very good” according to initiator Sylvan Adams.

The rumour that megastar Madonna has been invited to perform during the Grand Final of Eurovision 2019 has been pervasive for some time. According to Canadian-Israeli billionaire Mr. Sylvan Adams, who is involved with bringing the pop icon to Tel Aviv, things are “looking very good”.

Sylvan Adams spoke to Cannel 12 News about the subject at the YMCA in Jerusalem during the Keshet INTV Conference. The entrepeneur stated:

We’ve reached out to Madonna to try to add a little bit of glitz to the event. It’s looking very good that she’s going to come here and participate in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Bringing a star such as Madonna to Eurovision may not only be a boost for the contest, but for Israel’s image and tourism industry as well, says Mr. Adams:

There’s a steady drumbeat of negative news here, because of the density of journalists here in Israel, and here is one time where we were able to flip that on its head. Here, for a few days, people got to see us unfiltered in their own living rooms through their TV sets.

Sylvan Adams has been involved with bringing other major events to Israel, such as the start of the prestigious bicycle race Giro d’Italia last year. The “self-appointed ambassador at large for Israel” furthermore states:

Events like the Giro d’Italia and the Eurovision are a tremendous way to boost tourism. And I think the more people we bring here, the more people see our true nature, and the true beauty of our country and our people, and the freedom and openness and tolerance and safety of our country. The Giro d’Italia was proof of concept – it was proof that there is no event that we cannot host here. We have the expertise to manage everything.


If things work out, Madonna wouldn’t be the first internationally acclaimed artist to take to the Eurovision stage, as pop sensation Justin Timberlake was a special guest artist during the Grand Final of Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden.

So, what do you think? Would the appearance of Madonna on the Eurovision 2019 stage be a boost for this year’s contest and Eurovision at large? Are you looking forward to seeing such an international star at Eurovision?