Introducing 2011: Serbia

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All songs for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 have been selected. During the weeks between the national final season and the actual Eurovision Song Contest, we will introduce all 43 entries in random order. We are half way through and part thirty-three of the series is dedicated to the Serbian entry.

Basic information

Performers: Nina
Song: �aroban
Language: Serbian
Music: Kristina Kova�
Lyrics: Kristina Kova�

6th in the first semi final

The song

�aroban is an up-tempo retro style pop song. Through the lyrics, the protagonist sings praise to her man, who gives her strength and makes her life worth living:

Moj muškarac mi otvara
Moj je �ovek na vratima

I istog trena
Vredim kao hiljadu žena
Jer njemu sam lepa i jaka k'o stena
I kad me grli znam da sve je u redu
�ovek je �aroban!

My guy opens
My man is at the door

And in a second
I am worth a thousand women
Because to him I’m beautiful and strong as a rock
And when he holds me I know everything is alright
The man is magical!

The performer

Nina, whose real name is Danica Radoji�i�, has been singing and playing the piano since her childhood. Later she competed in various music festivals. Among them were the Coventry Peace Month in the United Kingdom and Srebrna jantra in Bulgaria. In 2010, she co-founded the band Legal Sex Department.

In 2011, she competed in the Serbian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. With the song Ä�aroban she could win the ticket to Düsseldorf by a clear margin getting far more than twice as many votes as the runner-up.

The songwriter

�aroban was written by Kristina Kova�, a popular Serbian singer and songwriter, who became famous as one half of the duo K2. In 2006, her debut solo album was released. She has also written songs for other artists such as Karolina, who represented FYR Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2002 and 2007. Besides, she has already gained some Eurovision experience: In 1991, she was a backing vocalist for Bebi Dol, whose song Brazil was the second last entry for Yugoslavia in the competition.

The national selection

Three songs competed in the Serbian national final for Düsseldorf – one by each member of the KovaÄ� family. Those were performed by three different artists and the winner was chosen by televoting alone.

Serbia in the Eurovision Song Contest

Serbia entered the Eurovision Song Contest as an independent country in 2007 and manged to win on its debut with Molitva. In 2008, Oro finished sixth on homeground. In 2009, the country was eliminated in the semi final for the first and only time to date.Other entriessubmitted by the Serbian broadcaster took part under the flags of Yougoslavia and Serbia & Montenegro in the years 1974, 1982, 1991, 1992 and 2004.


This will be Serbia's fifth entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. For the third time the country is represented by a female solo performer. It is the fifth entry to be entirely performed in Serbian.

�aroban is the sixth song to be performed in the first semi final. It is preceeded by the up-tempo pop rock song from Turkey and it is followed by the up-tempo dance pop song from Russia. A disadvantage might be the fact that the Serbian entry is performed in the middle of a streak of no less than seven more energetic songs at the beginning of the first semi final.

Srbiji i Ninu želimo svu sreÄ�u i dobar rezultat u Düsseldorfu!


National final performance/preview video:

Video clip of the English version of the song:

Singing live (2008):

Tomorrow, we will take a look at the Turkish entry.

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