Hungary: Petruska disqualified from A Dal 2019 final, replaced by Gergő Oláh

by Roy Knoops 1,054 views

Singer András Petruska has been disqualified from Hungary’s national selection A Dal 2019 due to plagiarism, his spot in the final subsequently allocated to Gergő Oláh.

Following last weekend’s semi-final 2 of A Dal 2019 in Hungary, host Freddie already announced that one of the eight finalists was being investigated due to accusations of plagiarism. Unfortunately, the rumours were found to be true after being investigated by a special committee, and today broadcaster MTVA has announced in a press statement that artist Petruska has been disqualified from the upcoming final of A Dal 2019.

Petruska’s entry Help me out of here has been found to be too similar to the song White sky by the band Vampire Weekend, which was released in 2010.

Petruska had previously landed as second favourite during semi-final 1 of A Dal 2019.

Listen to the songs by Petruska and Vampire Weekend below:


Gergő Oláh added to the A Dal 2019 final line-up

Artist Gergő Oláh has thus been selected as Petruska’s replacement in the final of A Dal 2019. The singer originally just missed out on a spot in the final, as he came fifth in last Saturday’s semi-final 2. Now, Gergő Oláh may get ready to perform his entry Hozzád bújnék on the A Dal 2019 grand final stage!

A Dal 2019 Grand Final

The final of A Dal 2019 is set for Saturday 23 February. Eight acts and artists will take to the stage, one of them will eventually win the ticket to Tel Aviv!