Azerbaijan: Eldar and Nigar in Tallinn and Kiev

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 332 views

The 2011 Azeri Eurovision representatives Eldar and Nigar were in Kiev, Ukraine last night at a live concert where they got the chance to meet Balkan legend Goran Bregovic and 2004 Eurovision winner Ruslana. A couple of days back they were in Tallinn, Estonia promoting their Eurovision entry. Eldar and Nigar will fly the Azeri flag in Düsseldorf at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest with the song Running scared.

Eldar and Nigar were in Kiev last night, where they performed at a concert. They met up with Ruslana and Balkan superstar Goran Bregovic. Goran wished the Azeri duo the best of luck forDüsseldorf. The Azeri duo are currently touring Europe in order to promote their Eurovision entry, they visited the Estonian capital Tallinn few days back in order to promote Running scared. They were interviewed on ETV, Estonian Television and spoke about their preparations for Dusseldorf and about the other competing entries in Düsseldorf.

Eldar and Nigar meet Goran Bregovic:

Eldar and Nigar meet Ruslana:

Eldar and Nigar in Tallinn interviewed on ETV: