Vlatko Ilievski with Aurela Gace in Minsk

by Gafurr Sahiti 374 views

Vlatko Ilievski, the singer representing FYR Macedonia in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest met the Albanian representative Aurela Gace during their promo tour in Belarus. After this visit in Minsk, Vlatko is going to visit few Balkan countries. Aurela's next destination was yesterday Kiev and will visit soon Azerbaijan.

The FYR Macedonian representative, Vlatko Ilievski together with the Albanian representative Aurela Gaçe were in Minsk last weekend to promote their Eurovision entries.
Both of them had the opportunity to join two live shows on TV stations. They were also guests in three radio stations, where they gave interviews. The Belarusians have shown interest in these two Balkan entries.

Vlatko’s promo tour continues with appearances in Croatia, Slovenia and it ends in Bulgaria on the end of April.

After the visit in Minsk, Aurela continued her promo tour in Kiev with a very busy schedule. She was guest at Novy Kanal, in the morning live show Pidiom. She will also appear in a music program on the NTU, national broadcaster of Ukraine. Besides that, Aurela has given nine interviews for the local press. Aurela’s promo tour conitues with a visit in Azerbaijan.