Italy: Mahmood goes viral on Spotify with Soldi

by Stefano 2,196 views

Buonasera Roma! Fresh winner of Sanremo, Mahmood goes viral on Spotify. His track Soldi is hits records on Spotify. And it’s just the beginning.

Soldi… soldi… who hasn’t been whispering these past days the chorus of the winning entry of Sanremo? The rising Italian star Mahmood hit strong. As reported by TgCom24 his Soldi is the Italian highest entry on the Global Top 50 of Spotify going up to the 40th position.

Despite the polemics regarding the voting system, with 1.5 million views Mahmood also climbed to the top of the Italian chart in just one day. Not to mention other popular streaming websites like Apple Music, iTunes and Earone.

More to come

Mahmood surely won’t stop here, as he is expected to publish his first EP on 1 March 2019 called Gioventù bruciata (Burned youth).

As we shall wait a bit more than two weeks to find out the rest of his album, let’s watch the official video of the Italian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Soldi: