Introducing 2011: Armenia

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All songs for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 have been selected. During the weeks between the national final season and the actual Eurovision Song Contest, we will introduce all 43 entries in random order. We are half way through and part twenty-two of the series is dedicated to the Armenian entry.

Basic information

Performer: Emmy (Ô·Õ´Õ´Õ«)
Song: Boom boom
Language: English
Music: Hayk Harutyunyan, Hayk Hovhannisyan
Lyrics: Sosi Khanikyan

4th in the first semi final

The song

Boom boom is an up-tempo pop song. The lyrics are a declaration of love, although the singer herself has actually said that the song is about nothing and just supposed to make people dance:

Come and take my hand now
Don't be shy
And let's try
To hold our spirits high

Boom boom
Chucka chucka
Your kisses like a like a
Boom boom
Chucka chucka
Your love is like a like a

The performer

As a child Emmy Bejanyan recorded her first song Hayastan in 1993. The year after she joined the vocal group Hayer that she would perform with until 2000. Furthermore she competed in various singing contests all over Europe. Over the years she released three albums and a string of hit songs. Besides, she is an occassional TV presenter.

In 2007 Emmy competed in the very first televised Armenian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. She did not win with her song You've done it but finished fourth in the SMS voting. In 2010, she competed in the national final again, this time as a duo with Mihran. Their song Hey (let me hear you say) came second. Emmy was chosen internally to represent her country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. In the national final, the song Boom boom was chosen for Düsseldorf.

The songwriters

Boom boom was written by Hayk Harutyunyan (music), Hayk Hovhannisyan (music) and Sosi Khanikyan (lyrics). Hayk Harutyunyan and Hayk Hovhannisyan are known as producing team Apricota in Armenia.

The national selection

Emmy was selected internally to represent Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. In the national final she performed four songs and the winner was chosen by a jury and televoting.

Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest

Armenia took part in the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in 2006 and has become one of the most successful countries since finishing in the top ten on every occassion. Their best result was a fourth place in 2008, achieved by Sirusho with the song Qele qele.


This will be Armenia's sixth participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. For the third time the country is represented by a female solo performer. It will be the third Armenian entry to be performed entirely in English. However, all of the country's entries were performed at least partly in English. Boom boom was also the title of the Danish entry in 1978. It is therefore the second time that the Armenian entry has a title previously used in the competition: Their first entry in 2006 was called Without your love, which had also been the title of the Irish entry in 2001.

Boom boom is the fourth song to be performed in the first semi final. It is preceeded by the up-tempo pop song from Albania and it is followed by the up-tempo rock song from Turkey. In general, a disadvantage might be the fact that the Armenian entry is performed in the middle of a streak of more energetic songs at the beginning of the first semi final. However, Armenia has done well from any position in the draw so far.

Ô·Õ´Õ´Õ«Õ¶ Ö�Õ¡Õ¶Õ¯Õ¡Õ¶Õ¸Ö�Õ´ Õ¥Õ¶Ö� Õ°Õ¡Õ»Õ¸Õ²Õ¸Ö�Õ©ÕµÕ¸Ö�Õ¶, Õ¬Õ¡Õ¾ Õ¥Õ¬Õ¸Ö�ÕµÕ© Ö� Õ¬Õ¡Õ¾ Õ¡Ö�Õ¤ÕµÕ¸Ö�Õ¶Ö�


Live performance in the national final:

The official video clip:

Emmy with You've done it in the 2007 national final:

With Mihran in 2010:

Don't feel good – another song:

Tomorrow, we will take a look at the Danish entry.

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