Israel: Dana International talks to the press

by Itamar Barak 142 views was present today on the scence, where Dana International shot the new video clip for 'Ding Dong' and gave a press conference to the media. The 1998 Eurovisioh winner sounded calm but realistic about her 2011 experience.

Dana International shot the new video clip of Ding Dong today, and the local media was invited to catch a glimpse of it and also had a chance to meet the singer. "This video clip is directed by Uri Schitzer. It is aimed to present Europe with Dana International of 2011, not necessarily the one you all remember from 1998", said the producer of the clip.

"It is true I was not thrilled on going to Eurovision again, and let my manager presuade meinto it", said Dana, "But life is always like that – you take decisions and just later on find if they were wise or not. I trust my team and know I am in good hands. Besides, It was a childhood dream of mine, to win the Kdam-Eurovision (national final), so it was worth it!", she said.

When asked about her expectations, this time in Eurovision, Dana sounded very calm and realistic: "Unlike in 1998, this time I intend to represent my country, but also myself. Of course I hope for the best result and a nice place in the top, but I always remind myself its just a game and I wish to enjoy it much more". When the singer was asked, wether she is counting on the gay vote from across Europe, shereminded the journalists that this sector is in fact just a minority in every nation, hence its small effect in potential.

When Dana was referred to recent polls, which show she is expected to finishsomewhere around the 15th place in final, she said: "Everyone who knows something in Eurovision, knows that these polls mean nothing. The winner isn't necessarily the best song, it all depends on the show on stage. Last year I never thought Lena could win the contest, and I was not amazed by Norway in 2009 either. In 2008, Sweden had an excellent song, which should have won. The only problem was that the singer looked like an alien, with all that botox… That was the reason she finished 18th", she said. Dana said she has a lot of appreciation for Lena, trying again this year for Germany and wished her the best of luck in the contest.

Dana International is expected to fly to Paris next week, to meet with French fasion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, who is once again responsible for her outfit for Eurovision, like in 1998. "I hope he has a lot of patience for me, I intend of trying a lot of dresses till I decide on one…" she said.

Dana International will perform 'Ding Dong' as enrty number 12th, In the second semifinal, on May 12th. In the mean time, Dana has launched aspecial website, dedicated to the Eurovision campaign, You can watch bellow a clip from today's event.

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