Watch now: Heat 2 of A Dal 2019 in Hungary

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Hungary is all set for Heat 2 of A Dal 2019, continuing the country’s search for its Eurovision 2019 representative.

Following an exciting Heat 1 of A Dal 2019, Hungary continues the selection process for its Eurovision 2019 entry. Broadcaster MTVA will deliver another grand show to the public, expertly hosted by Freddie and Bogi Dallos.

This evening, another group of 10 hopefuls will take to the stage, presenting their respective acts and songs. Among them is Hungary’s Eurovision 2014 representative András Kállay-Saunders, who returns as part of The Middletonz.

The contestants will be judged by the professional jury, consisting of Miklós Both, Misi Mező, Feró Nagy and Lilla Vincze. The viewers at home function as the fifth jury member and will vote through televoting, leading up to a combined result and the next qualifiers for the semi-finals.

Again, six acts will advance in the selection. The five songs with the highest combined set of scores will automatically qualify. Of the five songs that do not make it to the Top 5, the song that gets the most votes from the audience will also go to the semi-finals. Thus, tonight six acts will progress to the semi-finals.

Tonight’s participants

  • Acoustic Planet –  Nyári zápor
  • Bence VavraSzótlanság
  • Dávid HeatlieLa mama hotel
  • DianaLittle bird
  • Fatal ErrorKulcs
  • GotthyCsak 1 perc
  • Klára HajduYou’re gonna rise
  • The MiddletonzRoses
  • The SignŐ
  • yesyesIncomplete

The eventual qualifyers will join the winners of Heat 1, Szekér Gergő, Oláh Gergő, Antal Tímea feat. Demko Gergő, Konyha, Nomad and DENIZ, in the semi-finals.

How to watch

A Dal 2019 Heat 2 starts tonight at 19:30 CET and may be watched through:

Hungary at Eurovision 2018

Hungary’s national selection A Dal 2018 was won by metalcore and post-hardcore band AWS, consisting of Örs Siklósi, Bence Brucker, Dániel Kökényes, Soma Schiszler and Áron Veress. The band subsequently represented their country at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal, with the song Viszlát nyár (“Goodbye, summer”).

Delivering an explosive and fiery stage performance in semi-final 2, AWS progressed to the Grand Final, eventually placing 21st with 93 points.