The Netherlands: Eurovision 2019 artist and song have been chosen!

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News from the Netherlands: selection committee member Cornald Maas has confirmed that broadcaster AVROTROS has chosen its Eurovision 2019 participant ánd song. Key words are: “unexpected” and “very good”.

Broadcaster AVROTROS from the Netherlands has been playing the Eurovision guessing game for quite a while now, keeping the rumour mill spinning with tidbits of information. Well, true speculations can start, as official Eurovision commentator and selection committee member Mr. Cornald Maas has confirmed to programme SBS Shownieuws that the Dutch Eurovision 2019 representative and accompanying song have indeed been chosen.


Cornald Maas was interviewed by SBS Shownieuws at the premiere of the musical Marvellous in Amsterdam. Of course, the TV-show also had some questions regarding the ESC for the Dutch “Mr. Eurovision”. Cornald Maas was surprisingly open about the fact that AVROTROS has chosen its participant.

Without giving too much away, Cornald Maas is very enthusiastic and pleased with the selection committee’s choice:

I know almost everyting… actually, everything… And I’m not going to deliver anyone! It’s going to be very good, and pretty unexpected. Let me put it this way: the entry that we are going to present in a while, and the song, I myself am extremely enthusiastic about it and I also believe that it has much chance to end very high.

Dutch dance at Eurovision 2019?

It has been rumoured for a while that AVROTROS would like to send a dance music act to Eurovision 2019. Dance music is one of the biggest musical export products of the Netherlands, and popular singer and selection committee member Jan Smit has openly stated that he would like to see a DJ representing the Netherlands, alongside a vocalist. Fellow artists such as The Voice 2018 winner Jim van der Zee, who incidentally submitted two songs to the selection committee, have also said that they are aware that the broadcaster is looking for more modern, danceable songs.

The Netherlands has many internationally acclaimed DJ’s and music producers such as Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Afrojack, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, to name but a few. Issue is that most of them have quite busy schedules, plus a singer must be found to provide vocals. Jan Smit recently said that the performing artist doesn’t necessarily has to be a celebrity or well-known Dutch artist – indicating that AVROTROS might be looking within the underground club scene, which would coincide with Cornald Maas’ statement that the Dutch act is “pretty unexpected”.

Eva Simons teasing Eurovision?

Interestingly, singer Eva Simons, who delivered the vocals to the hit song This is love by, has been sharing posts on Facebook and Instagram with references to Toy and Fuego, the winner and runner-up of Eurovision 2019:

2019!! I cannot wait for you!! But that is all thanks to 2018. It was one of the most interesting years of my life…

Geplaatst door Eva Simons op Maandag 31 december 2018

Eva’s new single Like that will be released Friday 25 January.

Some other contenders

A few dance acts also have some connections to Eurovision. While nothing is certain yet, these artists could be in the Eurovision-mix. Let’s take a look!

DJ Nicky Romero, an internationally acclaimed artist, has already worked with Dutch Eurovision 2013 participant Anouk. Anouk, who is experimenting with different styles on her recent albums, has said that she would consider Eurovision again. Could she have collaborated with Nicky Romero for a Eurovision project?

Anouk made a splash at a party of DJ collective Yellow Claw, prior to her Eurovision 2013 performance – which caused some commotion befitting the rock diva, although it was revealed to have been staged as part of a commercial! Yellow Claw has worked with one of the artists that many Dutch Eurovision fans would like to see at Eurovision, Rochelle:

Finally, DJ collective Kris Kross Amsterdam has reportedly been collaborating with potential Eurovision 2019 artists Maan de Steenwinkel and Davina Michelle. The DJ trio recently released the hit song Hij is van mij (“He is mine”) with Maan and Tabitha featuring rapper Bizzey:

The Netherlands at Eurovision 2018

Artist Waylon (born Willem Bijkerk, Apeldoorn, 1980), one of the most popular male singers of the Netherlands and also having achieved considerable international success, represented the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

He had previously represented his country alongside Ilse DeLange as guest vocalist of her country collective The Common Linnets at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark. With their haunting country ballad Calm after the storm they won semi-final 1 and eventually honourably placed 2nd in the Grand Final with 238 points.

Waylon returned to the Eurovision stage as a solo artist at Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. Performing the gritty country rock anthem Outlaw in’ em, he reached the 18th place in the Grand Final, receiving 121 points.