Spain: Lucía to be joined by five backing dancers

by Victor Hondal 83 views

The Spanish public broadcasting corporation RTVE have today announced that five backing dancers will join Lucía on the Düsseldorf stage on May 14th. A part of the choreography is available to watch online.

This year, Lola González will be in charge of the choreography for the Spanish Eurovision act. She is well-known thanks to her appearance in various tv shows, including the popular talent show ¡Fama a bailar!, which has brought fame to new names in the Spanish music scene. She has a strong education, having studied in prestigious dancing schools in Madrid, London, Los Angeles and New York.

Lucía will not be alone on stage in Düsseldorf. Five backing dancers will join her – Cristina Domínguez, Sandra Borrego, Amaury Reinoso, Ginés Cano and Juan Francisco Solsona. The choreography is said to be "contagious", spectacular and full of happiness.

You can see Lucía and her dancers rehearsing in the video below.

Lucía has explained that she is not nervous yet – "It's still one month left to go", said the Spanish representative. The Galician singer is very happy with her Eurovision preparations for Düsseldorf and the results the team is enjoying so far.

Spain will compete in the final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, on May 14th. Lucía will perform in 22nd place.