Turkey, Albania and San Marino guests in Beyaz Show

by Gafurr Sahiti 280 views

The Turkish representative Yuksek Sadakat has welcomed yesterday the Albanian representative Aurela Gace and Senit from San Marino. Tonight they will have the opportunity to perform their Eurovision entries in the popular show, Beyaz Show at Kanal D.

Yüksek Sadakat, the Turkish entrants has welcomed yesterday Aurela Gaçe the representative of Albania and Senit from San Marino. Yesterday night the guests had the opportunity to taste the eastern kitchen having a dinner along with the host.

During this promo tour in Turkey, Senit and Aurela had the opportunity to visit several places and to perform their Eurovision entries in various shows.

The three acts, Yüksek Sadakat (Live It Up) , Aurela Gaçe (Feel The Passion) and Senit (Stand By) will be performing this evening at midnighttheir Eurovision entries at Kanal D, in the hugely popular Beyaz Show.

The artists also made an appearence at Gulay Kuris le lifestile, at Beyaz TV, today at noon.