Albania: Aurela to perform in Turkey

by Gafurr Sahiti 76 views

Aurela Gace, who will represent Albania in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, is kicking off today her promo tour in Turkey. After her visit in Turkey, Aurela will promote her song in several Balkan countries and later she will be performing at Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam.

Aurela Gaçe has flew yesterday to Turkey to promote her Eurovision entry Feel the Passion. She will be performing in various TV shows, including at the Turkish broadcaster TRT.

After this visit in Turkey, Aurela will continue her promo tour in several Balkan countries. She is also expected to promote her song in Ukraine, Belarus and Azerbaijan, but this is not yet confirmed.

Aurela will also be performing at Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam, on the 9th of April.

AurelaGaçe is the 8thAlbanian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest.She will compete third in the first semi-final on 10th May with the aim to qualify to the final, which is scheduled for 14th May.