The Netherlands: OG3NE present emotional Christmas single ahead of Christmas concerts and Sweet Harmony Tour

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All-sister girl group OG3NE has released its Christmas single Alles is nog hier, while preparing for a string of Christmas concerts ánd a new grand tour: the Sweet Harmony Tour.

Sisters-three Lisa, Amy and Shelley Vol of OG3NE have unveiled their Dutch Christmas single Alles is nog hier (All is still here), a personal song about loss yet also about the love and power of togetherness during the holiday season. The girls lost their mother Isolde Vol-Malee in July 2017, not long after their Eurovision participation.


A break from their usual English repertoire, the Dutch-language single was written by the sisters’ father, Rick Vol, and features the girls’ trademark close harmony vocals.

Christmas concerts

OG3NE will perform at 10 sold-out Christmas concerts in venue Kurhaus in Scheveningen, the Netherlands. The show OG3NE: A Magical Christmas In Concert will be accompanied by a special Christmas dinner for the visitors.


The group recently presided over the traditional Christmas Tree Lighting at Kurhaus.

Geplaatst door OG3NE op Donderdag 6 december 2018

Sweet Harmony Tour 2019/2020

To boot, OG3NE is all set to embark on a new tour. Following their immensely successful Three Times A Lady Tour, they will kick off the Sweet Harmony Tour in September 2019. Hitting 60 theatres throughout the Netherlands, ticket sales start 15 December 2018.


Het zijn drukke tijden voor de dames van OG3NE. Op 15 december begint OG3NE aan een reeks van tien uitverkochte…

Geplaatst door OG3NE op Woensdag 5 december 2018

For more information, visit OG3NE’s official website.

OG3NE at Eurovision 2017

OG3NE represented the Netherlands at Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine with the song Lights and shadows, inspired by the illness of their mother, Isolde Vol-Malee. They eventually reached a decent 11th place in the Grand Final, receiving 150 points.

Isolde Vol-Malee sadly passed away a couple of months following her daughters’ performance at Eurovision.