BigPoll 2011 – Start Voting!

by Michalis Vranis 75 views

The biggest and most respected Eurovision Song Contest predictive tool on the internet is back for a ninth year! The 2011 BigPoll is officially open. The poll relies on our readers accurately predicting the outcome of the Eurovision Song Contest and the semi finals, we ask you to predict the finishing order of the participating countries. Will the readers get it right yet again?

The BigPoll will allow you to predict the result of the twosemi finals, and as soon as the second one is over on 12th May, you will be able to predict the result of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest Final.

2011 Addition
For the first time in BigPoll's history, we added one more poll edition, which is no other than the complete list of the 43 participants and we are asking you to predict the winner of the contest.

How the poll works
The simple 'drag and drop' interface allows you to see the order of your predictions clearly on screen, in much the same way that you see countries move up the Eurovision Song Contest scoreboard during the voting.

Remember, we are asking you to predict the result, not vote for your favourite song. You are free to take into account political, neighbourly and diaspora voting, betting odds and preview shows. You can change and update your votes until the poll closes at 17:00 CET on Tuesday 10th May for the first semi final and 17:00 CET on Thursday 12th May for the second one.

The predicting will be divided in two phases.The Phase 1 starts today and will end on Thursday 12th May at 17:00 CET. Thisphase will include voting on Semifinal 1 and Semifinal 2, along with the parallelvoting for "The 43Participants" poll. The Phase 2willstart after the Semifinal 2 (13th May, 00:01 CET) and will end at 14th May at 17:00 CET. This phase will include voting on Grand Final and the parallel poll for "The 43 Participants".

The ultimate test
The parallel poll of the "43 Participants" will be a great test for BigPoll as there has to be the comparison of the results of one day and a half,voting for the Grand Final poll and the "43 Participants" poll which will last 61 and a half days.

The BigPoll
The BigPoll is the most accurate prediction poll on the internet. It has correctly predicted the Eurovision Song Contest winner five times in the last six years. Last year, our prediction tool accurately predicted Germany to win the contest. Also in 2009, it predicted that 9 out of the 10 top-ranked countries and 19 out of the 20 semi final qualifiers.

How to vote
You need to be an member to vote. If you are not already registered, you can do so for free at the top of the homepage. Or click here to subscribe.

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