Belgium: Laura Tesoro releases Mutual music video

by Roy Knoops 813 views

Belgium’s Eurovision 2016 representative Laura Tesoro has presented the official music video for her latest single, Mutual.

Laura Tesoro returns with the song Mutual, a smooth pop-tune about love that doesn’t have to be rushed, no need for illusions. Just enjoy the moment without expectations, take your time. In Laura’s ESC-words: what’s the pressure?:

And I know that it’s unusual but it’s beautiful: I don’t have to love you and it’s mutual.

Composed and written by Ella Eyre, Maria Hazell, David Gamson and Jorgen Eloffson, produced by Léon Palmen and Wouter Vander Veken, mixing engineer was Nikodem Milewski. Video by production company Beeldhouwers from Antwerp.

Mutual is available for download or streaming here.

Laura Tesoro at Eurovision 2016

Laura Tesoro (Antwerp, 1996, Italian father and Belgian mother) is a Belgian singer-songwriter, actress and television host. She represented Belgium at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden. With her up-tempo entry What’s the pressure she eventually reached a respectable 10th place in the Grand Final, receiving 181 points.