Germany: Lena unveils Thank You music video ahead of album Only Love, L

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Germany’s Eurovision 2010 winner Lena Meyer-Landrut returns to the spotlight with the single Thank You and a forthcoming album, Only Love, L.

Thank you by Lena is a musical ode to gratitude, self-empowerment and a bold statement against bullying of any kind. Initially released as an audio version, the official music video has now been unveiled.

Although the subject is serious, Thank you is an up-beat anthemic track with a catchy hook and strong lyrics, such as:

Thank you for knockin’ me down, ’cause these scars have just made me stronger. And your words, they don’t matter now. So thank you, thank you for knockin’ me down

Thank you, no, I’m not gonna hate you now. Thank you for letting me down. Now that I know that every low will make me grow, thank you for knockin’ me down

I am stronger now, I am wiser now, I am stronger now, I am stronger now, and I am wiser now, I am stronger now

In anticipation of Thank you, Lena recently shared on her Instagram:

We are in this together

The track accompanies the hashtag We Are In This Together (#WeAreInThisTogether), also referring to a heartfelt video Lena has shared in which she talks with several guests regarding their personal struggles. As Lena writes:

It takes courage to open up oneself, yet it is the only way we will find each other. Because although we are all individuals and our problems are different, our fears, doubts and the feelings we experience are not. No one can formulate a common recipe to solve these individual problems. In exchange with one another we can, each in a own way, find better ways to handle these challenges.

Thank You

The music video for Thank you features personal testimonies about overcoming struggles. Alexandra Johannson, Athena Strates, Christoph Amend, Danyiom Mesmer, Dora Osinde, Jona Hansen, Marek Asamoah and Sonja Wiegand share their stories in the video. Lena states:

We all have our challenges in life, our struggles that we wage – against ourselves and against others. When we always just show our strong side and hide the weak phases, we give the people outside the feeling that they’re not strong. While everyone of us is sometimes self-confident, sometimes fragile. I believe, to admit to ones weaker phases gives courage and also strengthens others, and from this togetherness comes new power. Let us be open, let us be loving, because #WeAreInThisTogether. 

The music video for Thank you was a EASYdoesit production, directed by Mario Clement, producer was Christopher Kane, director of photography was Konstantin Mazov. Cinematography by Paola Calvo, choreography by Kiani Del Valle, concept by Mario Clement and Erdem Aglar.

Only Love, L

Thank you is taken from Lena’s upcoming album Only love, L, which is set for release on 5 April 2019. The artist had been working on her project Gemini for quite some time, the album has taken shape and has been renamed Only love, L. The album is available for pre-order here.

Lena victorious at Eurovision 2010

Lena Meyer-Landrut (Hannover, 1991) is a German singer-songwriter and model. She represented Germany at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, Norway, with the song Satellite.

Performing Satellite in the Grand Final, she ultimately won the contest with 246 points.