France: When Madame Monsieur met Mercy…

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French duo Madame Monsieur recently met the inspiration for their Eurovision 2018 entry, the little migrant girl Mercy.

Mercy by Madame Monsieur certainly made an impact on many Eurovision 2018 viewers, the song taking inspiration from the heartfelt story about the Nigerian migrant girl Mercy, who was born on the rescue boat Aquarius of the humanitarian organization SOS Méditerranée in March 2017.

Recently, Émilie Satt and Jean-Karl Lucas of Madame Monsieur finally met little Mercy and her mother Taïwo, who now safely reside in Sicily, Italy. Newspaper Nice-Matin covered the story as the song Mercy was inspired by a tweet of journalist Grégory Leclerc, and he reported about Madame Monsieur’s meeting with the real Mercy.

Madame Monsieur shared on Facebook:

15 months after being born aboard the Aquarius, 15 months after having told her story in song, we finally meet Mercy and her mother Taiwo. It was a day as we have rarely experienced, full of joy, tenderness and laughter. Finally we got to know each other very well. We sang cheek to cheek, cried a little, talked about the disorder, and promised to keep these unique feelings in the heart for a long time.

For a little over a month, Taiwo and Mercy have been sheltered in Sicily in a home for women and children after a long stay in Europe’s largest migrant camp. Mercy will go to the nursery tomorrow and Taiwo to school to learn Italian and then find a job.

Since like us, you loved this little girl and her amazing story, here are some pictures of this precious day.

Petrified with happiness

Émilie Satt also stated:

Mercy was a bit intimidated and reserved, but luckily there were plenty of children around to reassure her ( …) All of a sudden, she literally climbed on top of me, grabbed my neck and stuck her cheek against mine, I did not know what to do, I was petrified with happiness.

The story of Madame Monsieur, Taïwo and of course little Mercy will always be part of Eurovision history!


Madame Monsieur at Eurovision 2018

The musical duo Madame Monsieur, consisting of married couple Émilie Satt and Jean-Karl Lucas, represented France at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal. With their heartfelt entry Mercy they eventually reached a decent 13th place in the Grand Final, receiving 173 points.

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