Live: Final of Eirodziesma in Latvia

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Tonight the Latvian audience selects their favorite to represent the country at Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Germany.

The live show from Ventspils theatre centre Juras Varti is hosted by Ugis Joksts, Valters Fridenbergs (from Valters&Kazha) and Jolanta Strikaite (one of back vocalists of Intars Busulis in 2009). Jolanta Strikaite stands for the opening act I Feel Pretty from Westside Story.

The artists gather in the Green Room. The hosts suggest the voters to think also how the song they would like to send to Germany would look on the big stage.

The winning song will be determined during the Super Final which will contain the three most loved final songs by televoters and jury. The jury consists of Latvian musicians and media people as Aivars Hermanis, Sandra Veinberga, Aigars Dinsbergs, Janis Sipkevics, Boriss Rezniks, Marts Kristians Kalnins, Juris Sejans and Iveta Lepesko.

Each song is presented by a postcard containing the audience’s comments of the song. Sometimes the criticism comes as constructive advice and suggestions on how to improve their performance.

The Participants

1. Evija Sloka –Don't stop the dance
Latvian try to take the steps in the country music world. The singer is dressed in lime green and playing a bright pink guitar. The lyrics are by Guntars Racs who is not only the "Godfather" of many Latvian euro stars, but also written texts to several Eurovision entries including What For?

2. Elina Krastina – Grence – Look back at me again
Elina has written the song as well as done the coreography herself. The singers and dancers are wearing the same outfits as during thesemi final. Though the act itself is hanged as the main role is now played by the guitar man instead of the dancer.

3.Ivo Grisnins – Grislis – Cinderella
Does the geniality lie in simplicity? It is Ivo's second try to reach the heights of Eurovision as a solo artist. The song was chosen by jury to enter the final.

NUMBER 4 – as wrote earlier, Trianas Parks withdrew due to the illness of the singer. The running order remains the same as during the draw on February 19.

RESULTS – so far the song number two is leading, closely followed by Lauris Reiniks.

5. The Secretz – Summer night
Some people in the postcards have compared The Secretz with Atomic Kitten. As the stage performance shows, the girls are ready for the summer party night as they have brought the stand with their party outfits with them.

6. Pienenu vins – You are
Black and white light games for a disco jazz song. The postcard'ers only praise the song admitting that the song would fit well as a background in a lounge. Despite the musical quality the song does not seem to reach the audience here in Ventspils.

7. Janis Stibelis – Let it be me
The stage is given to the team of adventurous and professional people who consier the smile to be the solution to everyday troubles. The stage performance tells the story of the song that is why the attention should be paid to the woman playing the guitar. She remains poker face no matter how Stibelis tries to win her heart. The song culminates by the drummer raising the flag with the print representing the title of the song. The act is loved by the people in the venue.

8. Oksana Lepska – Live on!
The 15 year old singer has the capacity to sing 3.5 octaves and advices the listeners to stay strong and not to give up as she sings – Impossible is nothing. Would it help her tonight? Seems the wind machine disturbs the singer during the climax of the song.

9. Musiqq – Angel in disguise
The audience cheers as the dance rhythm enters the stage and the wave with the lights a la Sweden 2010 style to support the singers. The song and the stage performance has improved since the semi final.

RESULTS – at the moment Angel in disguise is leading, but the results are changing rapidly. Mind, the results show only the televoters' opinion so far as the jury's choice will be revealed later.

10. Blitze – Hop
It is the song of late Martins Freimanis who passed away on January 27 at age of 33. The group followed Freimanis' idea to have a good time, have fun and live the dream of love on the stage during the performance. They certainly start in a very energetic way but it leads to slight fading away towards the end of the song.

11. D-Family – Daylight
A big thing like a satellite dish is brought on the stage. Kaspars Timanis, playinf the trombone, represented Latvia in 2007 as one of This time the team emphasizes that the strength is in the family as the song is performed by Dukurs' Family. The postcard commentators classified this entry as the most classic Eurovision song.

12. Lauris Reiniks – Banjo Laura

It is the story about a girl who entered an American pub, seduced Reiniks and disappeared. The choreography is the mix of the traditional dance moves from different uropean countries. The costumes have changed since the semi final. Banjo Laura has been on of the favorite at the bookmakers in Latvia.

RESULTS – at the moment Angel in disguise is leading, followed by Lauris Reiniks and Pienenu vins. The voters still have 10 minutes to make their choice which three songs go to Super Final.

The voting has finished and soon the results of 3 super finalists will be known.

Aija Andrejeva aka Aisha, the winner of last year's Latvian final, sends the greetings to the finalists from St. Petersburg where she currently studies acting. She wished the contestants lots of patience, strength, energy and reminded that the winning the final involes even more work in the future.

The informative supporters of the contest rewards their favorites. Among them – Ivo Grisnins – Grislis, Oksana Lepska (newspaper NRA), Musiqq, Trianas Parks (Radio SWH), Musiqq (Ventspils Town).

SUPER FINAL SONGS (chosen by jury AND televote)
The songs will be performed once more in the order of announcing. The voting continues but the counting starts from zero. It is allowed to support the favorite songs as soon as the first Super Final song is started.

Lauris Reiniks – Banjo Laura
In case of victory Lauris Reiniks would not change a thing in the performance. But to the potential winner Lauris wishes to remember that they are representing not only the song but the country as well, so they should promote Latvia and Riga as good as possible.

Pienenu vins – You are
The singer had given her best in her performance tonigh. She would not change the act if the song eventually wins. To the winner she wishes not to ashame Latvia.

Musiqq – Angel in disguise
The Musiqq guys thank the audience for support. They might change the stage act if they win, but to the lucky one of tonight they wish to win in Germany.

The Latvian audience gets the preview of the songs that have already won the constests in their respective countries (Finland, The Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Island).

The voting is finished!

Ventspils city is the trusty supporter of Eirodziesma for 10 years already and it is the 12th time Latvia participates at Eurovision Song Contest.

Labveligais Tips tried their luck at Eirodziesma in the contests early years in Latvia. Some of its members suceeded to enter the final stage of Eurovision in Helsinki as part of

RE:public presents a song I give you my freedom from their new album.