Turkish newspaper: “Eurovision on May 29th”

by Ralph Thommassen 84 views

While the relationship between Greece and Turkey is not the best yet, it seems that a Turkish newspaper, Milliyet, created some commotion among Greece people and especially on Cyprus.

Yesterday, the Turkish newspaper Milliyet wrote that the Turkish broadcaster TRT suggests May 29th as date for the Eurovision Song Contest. The 29th of May is the national mourning day in Greece and on Cyprus, because on that day once the Muslims arrived in Constantinopol(now Istanbul) and took over the city. If TRT accepts 29th May for the 2004 contest, Greek and Cyprus might not participate. The Netherlands did the same when the contest took place on May 4th, the national war remembrance day.

TRT told that they are not trying to pay to much attention to the articles in Milliyet, and TRT, along with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), are going to decide together the date for the contest. Insiders say that May 15th has better chances of being the date for next year.

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