Sweden: Mans Zelmerlow hosts Allsang pa Skansen!

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 146 views

Swedish hearthtrob Mans Zelmerlow will be replacing Anders Lundin as the host of the Swedish Allsang Pa Skansen summer music festival. Both Mans and Anders are familiar faces with Eurovision audiences. Anders Lundin hosted the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest along with Kattis Ahlstrom in Stockholm. Whilst Mans is one of the most sought after Swedish artists having competed twice at the Melodifestivalen final and hosted it last year.

Mans Zelmerlow hails from the Swedish city of Lund. He shot to fame in Sweden when he competed in the Idol television show. The Swedish star gained fame, name, glory and recognition thanks to his 2007 Melodifestivalen participation with the song Cara mia, which placed 3rd but became a massive hit. The song topped the Swedish charts reaching the number 1 position. Mans decided to give Melodifestivalen another shot in 2009 with the song Hope and Glory, which placed 4th. Last year he hosted the 2010 edition of the Swedish Eurovision heats Melodifestivalen.

SVT, the Swedish national broadcaster have officially announced that Mans Zelmerlow will be replacing Anders Lundin at the Allsang Pa Skansen Swedish summer music festival. Anders Lundin has been hosting this festival for the past 7 years. Anders Lundin who hosted the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest is a well known Swedish television host.

Mans Zelmerlow – Cara mia


Mans Zelmerlow – Hope and Glory