Spain: Official presentation of Lucía

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TVE the Spanish national broadcaster has officially presented Lucía Pérez as their 2011 Eurovision representative. During the press conference it was revealed that her entry Que me quiten lo bailao will be recorded in English and most likely in Galician and French. Lucia will also tour Europe in order to promote her song at the Galician Cultural Centres across the continent.

The head of the TVEEntertainment Programmes Department Lola Molina expressed her pride and happiness with the election of Lucía Pérez as the Spanish Eurovision 2011 representative. She mentioned that thebroadcaster is very happy with theoutcome of the Spanish 2011 Eurovisionselection and hopes that Lucia will achieve a good placing for Spain in Düsseldorf.

Chema Purón, well known Spanish producer and composer of the 1995 and 2000 Spanish entries, will help Lucía with the recording and production of the Spanish entry Que me quiten lo bailao. The Spanish artist will be recording herEurovisionsong in Barcelona in the coming days.Lucía,along withRTVE will be workingvery hard in the coming weeks with the recording of the Spanishentry, the filming of the Spanish Eurovision 2011 previewvideoclip andpromotion.The Spanish entry has been composed by none other than Rafael Artesero, the man behind the 2005 and 2006 Andorran entries.

During today's press conference Lucía expressed her pride and happiness to represent Spain at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest. She told the Spanish press: "The more I listen to my song, the more I like it, I feel this song transmits happiness and positive vibes,and that the European public will get the message eventhough theymight not understand the language".

Lucía is well known on home soil in Galicia, asshe has released 4 albums already. Lucía went on to mention that participating at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest would be a great opportunity for her to showcase her musical and vocal skills to the Spanish and European audiences.

Today at 16:30 CET Lucía will be having a net meeting with her fans on the official RTVE website. All fans who are interested in asking Lucía questions are invited to do so, by submitting a question.

Stay tuned to for the latest information on the 2011 Spanish Eurovision entry.

Below you can watch the video of the press conference: