Live : Third semifinal in Lithuania

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Tonight, the third semifinal of the Lithuanian national selection will take place. Twelve acts will compete for the last three free spots in the big final to be held next week.

The show

Lithuania will select its Eurovision representative on February 24th. Three semifinals were held during the last three weeks seeing nine acts qualifying for the grand final. A jury and tele voting will decide upon the three acts that will advance further in the competition.

How to watch

  • LIVE on LRT at 21:15 CET
  • Webcast(LRT official, high quality)
  • Webcast(LRT official, low quality)
  • Webcast (LRT official)


  • Timohi – Setellite of setellite
  • Egle Petrosiute – Smile
  • Flaer – Kibernetiniame sode
  • Grazina Jonusaite – Mylek savo priesa
  • el Fuego – Esu zmogus
  • Greta Smidt – Elektronic love
  • Linas Adomaitis – Floating to you
  • Viktorija Ivaskeviciute – Be my baby
  • Jurate Milauskaite – Tiesiog diena
  • Avenue Acoustic – Atgal i nuodeme
  • Donny Montell and Sasha Song – Best friends
  • Ruta Sciogolevaite – Break free
  • Live

    The show started. The host introduces tonight's show jury.

    1. Timohi – Setellite of setellite

    Timohi is now on stage performing the funny act Setellite of Setellite. The song is a mid-tempo jazzy pop tune. The duo is joined on stage by a group of backing vocalists and two break dancers. Although this act is supposed to be fun and interesting, the effect is not the desired one. Weak vocals all over the performance. rank : negative (-)

    -Commercial break-

    2. Egle Petrosiute – Smile

    Next on stage is Egle Petrosiute. Smile is a interesting contemporany pop song which features some typical Baltic elements. The routine of this act involves panto-mime. Egle is dressed-up in a casual outfit and is joined on stage by two female backing vocalists. This performance is going nowhere. Egle delivers a decent live vocal performance but she should work harder in order to improve her chances for a European competition. This song is definitely not making you smile. This routine faces some criticism from the jury. rank :average (+-)

    3. Flaer – Kibernetiniame sode

    Flaer tries to attract the attention of the public and jury by performing his song focusing on a unusual choreography. Two globes are used by the backing dancers, just like Dalma Kovacs's routine from the 2010 Romanian national final. The singer wears a big white fur and sunglasses in order to underline the non-conformist appeal of this song. The vocal performance is interesting enough, but this is just a joke entry after all and it should be treated as a joke. rank : negative (-)

    4. Grazina Jonusaite – Mylek savo priesa

    Grazina performs her entry Mylek savo priesa. This is a ordinary pop song you listen on the radio every day. The singer is wearing a black outfit and is joined on stage by a backing vocalist dressed in the same way. A nice acoustic guitar effect can be heard during this tune. Overall, this is a average performance. A fast tip for Grazina : Change your hair stylist! rank :average (+-)

    5. el Fuego – Esu zmogus

    el Fuego takes the stage and performs Esu zmogus, the third Lithuanian language song of tonight's show. This is a average pop song performed by three male vocalists. Although the group is experienced, the vocal performance should be improved if they would like to take part in any European competition. This act reminds of a typical 90' Sovietic pop song, but lacks the power of the Russian performers. Another average entry. rank : average (+-)

    6. Greta Smidt – Elektronic love

    Greta Smidt performs one of the few up-tempo songs of tonight's show. Elektronic love is a up-tempo electronic pop track featuring a disco-like chorus. Greta is joined on stage by a group of dancers and two backing vocalists. All the performers are dressed in black. Although the chorus is catchy, this song is lacking some elements in order to shine on a Eurovision scoreboard. The vocal performance is average and fits the idea of this routine. Electronic music is not about high vocal quality. rank : average (+-)

    7. Linas Adomaitis – Floating to you

    Another English language song is performed by Linas Adomaitis. Floating to you is a contemporany mid-tempo pop song which would fit better in a commercial advert. Special props are used on stage as this routine aims to re-constitute a park motion. Linas is joined on stage by a group of backing vocalists. Although this performance is average, considering the weak quality of tonight's entries, Floating to you should qualify for the grand final. rank : average (+-)

    8. Viktorija Ivaskeviciute – Be my baby

    Viktorija is next on stage and she performs a contemporany popsong entitled Be my baby. The singer is wearing a beautiful white dressed. Two backing vocalists join Viktorija on stage. A wind mashine is used for this routine and reminds us of the 2006 Swedish entry by Carola. rank :average (+-)

    9. Jurate Milauskaite – Tiesiog diena

    Jurate takes the stage and performs her song alone without any backing vocalist. This is a nicely performed pop song featuring a nice guitaristic orchestration. The vocal performance is at a high quality and it is not a surprise as the performer is one of the most experienced singers of tonight's show. Overall, this is one of the best acts of the third Lithuanian semifinal. rank : positive (+)

    10. Avenue Acoustic – Atgal i nuodeme

    Avenue Acoustic perform a country-pop song called Atgal i nuodeme. Chairs are used as a prop on stage as the line-up of the band tries to perform a panto-mime act. The vocals are at a average level even though Avenue Acoutic's past experience recommend them as a potential Lithuanian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. rank : average (+-)

    11. Donny Montell and Sasha Song – Best friends

    A duo consisting of the 2009 Lithuanian Eurovision contestant Sasha Song and popular local performer Donny Montell, is next on stage. Just like the title say, this act speaks about friendship and its importance in our daily life. Best friends is a mid-tempo pop track nicely performed by the duo. A group of dancers join them on stage and take care of the backing vocals too. Overall, this is a colorful performance but does it has the strength to qualify for the grand final? We doubt so. rank : average (+-)

    12. Ruta Sciogolevaite – Break free

    The last act of tonight's semi final is Ruta Sciogolevaite who already tried to represent Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004 and 2007. Break free is a dramatic up-tempo pop song featuring a nice chorus. Ruta wears a fabulous white & turqoise gala outfit and is joined on stage by three backing vocalists dressed in the same manner. The vocal performance is at a high level and this is for sure one of the best acts of the show. rank : positive (+)


    This concludes tonight's performances. A recap of all the songs is aired by LRT.

    The voting lines are now closed.

    The results of the jury voting :

    1. Song 12 – 54 points
    2. Song 7 – 45 points
    3. Song 11 – 44 points
    4. Song 8 – 32 points
    5. Song 10 – 32 points
    6. Song 9 – 29 points
    7. Song 5 – 18 points
    8. Song 6 – 18 points
    9. Song 3 – 9 points
    10. Song 2 – 7 points
    11. Song 1 – 2 points
    12. Song 4 – 0 points

    To the final :

    • Linas Adomaitis – Floating to you
    • Ruta Sciogolevaite – Break free
    • Viktorija Ivaskeviciute – Be my baby

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