Azerbaijan: Samra unveils new track Pidzhak

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Do you remember her from 2016 Eurovision in Sweden? Samra, the good girl singing Miracle has unveiled a new single. Fasten your seat belts, Pidzhak goes beyond your expectations.

She represented her home country Azerbaijan at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden. With her call for a Miracle she qualified for the Grand final and conquered the 17th spot in the final ranking. The 23 year-old Samra is back with her newest release.

An unusual gift

As announced by the singer on her Facebook page, the song is an unusual gift from Emin Agalarov, the famous Russian singer and song-writer with Azeri origins. Emin is well known to Eurofans for his performance during the interval act of the 2012 Eurovision’s Grand final in Baku, Azerbaijan.

SAMRA – ПИДЖАК Однажды я получила очень необычный подарок. Это песня "Пиджак". И вот, сегодня она зажила новой жизнью….

Geplaatst door Samra Rahimli op Vrijdag 20 juli 2018

Discover the music video of Pidzhak here:

Azerbaijan in Eurovision

The Caucasian country debuted in Eurovision in 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia. They have since taken part to the contest 11 times.

Azerbaijan took the trophy home in 2011 with the duo Ell & Nikki with the song Running scared. The country have an outstanding record in Eurovision, having failed to qualify to the Grand final only once (11th in 2018).