Tonight: Third semifinal in Lithuania

by Victor Hondal 52 views

Tonight, the third semifinal of the Lithuanian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 will be held. 12 acts will compete for three spots in the national final.

The show

The pre-recorded semi final will be broadcast on LTV at 21:15 CET (22:15local time). 12 acts present one song each and three qualifiers will be chosen by a jury and televoting for the grand final on 24th February.

How to watch

  • On LTV at 21:15 CET (22:15local time)
  • Webcast(LRT official, high quality)
  • Webcast(LRT official, low quality)

The participants

  • Timohi – Setellite of setellite
  • Egl?�?�� Petroši?�?«t?�?�� – Smile
  • Flaer – Kibernetiniame sode
  • Gra?�??ina Jonušait?�?�� – Myl?�?��k savo prieš?�?�¦
  • el Fuego – Esu ?�??mogus
  • Greta Smidt – Elektronic love
  • Linas Adomaitis – Floating to you
  • Viktorija Ivaškevi?�?�i?�?«t?�?�� – Be my baby
  • J?�?«rat?�?�� Miliauskait?�?�� – Tiesiog diena
  • Avenue Acoustic – Atgal ?�?? nuod?�?��m?�?�?
  • Donny Montell and Sasha Song – Best friends
  • R?�?«ta Š?�?�iogolevait?�?�� – Break free