Italy: Raphael Gualazzi wins the newcomers' category

by Edward Montebello 117 views

Raphael Gualazzi won the newcomers' category of the Sanremo festival. The Italian extravaganza show continued as a final was contested by four young artists. The show is being hosted by the Italian popular singer Gianni Morandi accompanied by Luca, Paolo and the two female beauties Elisabetta Canalis and Belen Rodriguez.

The twenty-nine year old singer won the newcomers’ category of the Sanremo festival. In recent years on the eve of the final show for the established artists a competition takes place for the new artists. Gualazzi won with the song Follia d'amore. Raphael was born in Urbino and is re-owned for the interpretation of jazz and blues. He plays the piano and composed his own song that competed in Sanremo.

Tonight Raphael Gualazzi will sing again his winning song. Italian broadcaster Rai will announce their representative for the next Eurovision Song Contest before revealing the winner of Sanremo festival. There is a possibility that the Italian representative can also be from the newcomers’ category. The only thing confirmed is that the singer will be from this year’s Sanremo festival. Italy won the Eurovision Song Contest twice and will return in the contest after an absence of fourteen years.