Croatia: A Tutorial release with Severina

by Stefano 817 views

We love when this happens. Two former Eurovision representative came together to release a new song for the pleasure of all of us. Severina (Croatia, 2006) and Jala Brat (Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2016) just presented Tutorial. Are you ready for it?

She represented Croatia in 2006 with the song Moja štikla, but she hasn’t lost her love for Eurovision. Severina has released her new track called Tutorial, which is in fact a collaboration with Bosnia & Herzegovina’s 2016 representative, Jala Brat, who wrote and composed the newest hit.

Check out the official video of Tutorial:

You don’t remember Severina? Here is what she looked like 12 years ago when she performed on the Eurovision stage in Athens.

And here’s Jala Brat, who represented Bosnia & Herzegovina at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden.