Numerous Eurostars confirmed for Golden Stag Festival 2018

by Jessica Weaver 1,775 views

The participant line-up for the Romanian-hosted event, the Golden Stag Festival, has been confirmed for the 2018 edition! Many familiar faces appear in this year’s line-up, with a handful of Eurovision stars set to appear in the festival.

The Golden Stag Festival (known as Cerbul de Aur in Romanian) is back for its 2018 edition, in which artists from across Europe flying to the Romanian city of Brașov in order to compete at the annual international event.

This year sees a total of 18 artists from 15 countries featuring in the 2018 festival, many of whom have already taken to a huge European stage in previous months and years… Which Eurovision stars can you spot in the upcoming festival?

Golden Stage Festival 2018 artists

TVR, the Romanian national broadcaster, has confirmed the names of the 18 participating artists along with their countries, all of whom were shortlisted by a specialist selection jury for its anniversary edition.

  • Albania: Inis Nezeri
  • Armenia: Amaliya Margaryan
  • Belgium: Olivier Kaye
  • Cyprus: John Karayiannis
  • France: Kelly-Joyce Bale
  • Ireland: Ryan O’Shaughnessy
  • Israel: Omer Netzer
  • Italy: Damiano Borgi, Tiziana Camelin
  • Kazakhstan: Dinara Kairova
  • FYR Macedonia: Antonia Gigovska
  • United Kingdom: Karl William Lund
  • Moldova: Lidia Isac
  • Romania: Dora Gaitanovici, Ovidiu Anton, Raluca Blejusca
  • San Marino: Sebastian Schmidt
  • Spain: Jorge Gonzalez

In total, 3 former Eurovision participants will feature in the 2018 edition of the festival, such as John Karayiannis (Cyprus 2015), Ryan O’Shaughnessy (Ireland 2018) and Lidia Isac (Moldova 2016).

Romania’s initially selected 2016 artist, Ovidiu Anton, will also compete in this year’s festival, 2 years after being forced to withdraw from the Eurovision Song Contest following TVR’s ban from the competition.

Ovidiu Anton’s bidding Eurovision 2016 entry

A number of the confirmed artists have also previously bid to represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest, some of which include Inis Nezeri, Amaliya Margaryan, Olivier Kaye, Tiziana Camelin, Karl William Lund, Dora Gaitanovici, Sebastian Schmidt and Jorge Gonzalez.

The Golden Stag Festival 2018 will run from the 29 August to the 2 September, with a total of 8 prizes and awards up for grabs! The awards include:

  • Prize I;
  • Prize II;
  • Prize III;
  • Award for the best interpretation of a Romanian song;
  • The Brașov Prize;
  • Audience Award;
  • Press Festival Award;
  • Prize of Public Radio and Television Societies.

About the Golden Stag Festival

The Golden Stag Festival made its debut in 1968 in which a total of 17 editions were held, the last being organised in 2009, almost 10 years ago.

Throughout its run over the years since its introduction, a plethora of artists from across the continent and beyond have taken to the Brașov stage, some of which include Toto Cutugno, Kylie Minogue, Diana Ross, Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin, P!nk, t.A.T.u. and Ruslana.

The event itself become the largest international music festival in Romania during its run, with TVR hoping its popularity continues for its return in 2018.