Tonight: National final in Germany

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Tonight, the German national final for Eurovision 2011 will be held. Lena, 2010 winner and the country's representative this year, too, will sing a total of six songs. One of them will be selected by the audience only to be Germany's entry in Düsseldorf.

The show

Two semifinals presented 12 songs in total, six of which have made it to the final, to take place tonight. The show will be hosted by Sabine Heinrich and Matthias Opdenhövel, who already presented the semi-finals. The final decision will lie only in the hands of the audiece. There will also be a jury, consisting of Lena's mentor Stefan Raab as chairman, TV hostess Babara Schöneberger and Adel Tawil, lead singer of Ich & Ich, a popular German band. The jury will comment on the six songs, but won't have any voting rights.

How to watch

  • Live on ARD-Das Erste at 20:15 CET
  • Webcast (NDR official)

The participating songs

  • Maybe(Daniel Schaub, Pär Lammers)
  • Taken bya Stranger(Gus Seyffert, Nicole Morier, Monica Birkenes)
  • What happened to me(Lena Meyer-Landrut, Stefan Raab)
  • A million and one(Errol Rennalls, Stavros Ioannou)
  • Push forward(Daniel Schaub, Pär Lammers)
  • Mama told me(Lena Meyer-Landrut, Stefan Raab)

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