Bulgaria: BNT airs previews of competing entries

by Victor Hondal 73 views

Bulgarian public broadcaster BNT have published snippets of the finalist songs. In the end, only 19 candidates will participate in the final, given that four have withdrawn for different reasons. The country's representative in Eurovision 2011 will be chosen on February 23rd.

The withdrawing acts are:

  • Sunrize feat. All theAccess Project. Disqualified because their song was published before September 1st 2010.
  • Vesela Boneva (Vessy). Withdrawn because of disputes within the production team.
  • Zhan Shejtanov. Withdrawn for family reasons.
  • Svetozar Hristov. Unable to participate because of his schedule in the USA.

The remaining 19 entries can be listened to here, or watch the video below:

The Bulgarian final will take place on February 23rd. The ultimate winner of the selection will be chosen by a combination of jury and tele voting, enjoying a 50% stake each.